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The New Hate Arthur Gold­wag, Scribe, $32.95 When­ever you think Aus­tralian pol­i­tics is out of con­trol cast your eyes to the US. The rise of the Tea Party, the in­flu­ence of the gen­uinely un­hinged Glenn Beck and the wide­spread be­lief Barack Obama is not a US cit­i­zen all make our pol­i­tics look pal­lid. It’s easy to think the surge in un­rest in the US is a new phe­nom­e­non but Arthur Gold­wag’s ex­cel­lent book tracks the his­tory of those on the fringes of US pol­i­tics go­ing back 200 years and con­cludes we have seen it all be­fore. From the anti-catholic tomes of the 1800s, the en­dur­ing vi­cious­ness of anti-semitism, to the long­stand­ing be­lief in se­cret world gov­ern­ments pulling the strings, Gold­wag puts the lat­est out­pour­ings in per­spec­tive. Michael Mcguire

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