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1 Which colour is most com­monly found on na­tional flags? 2 Name the Aus­tralian prime min­is­ter who launched the first Holden in 1948. 3 My Kitchen Rules con­tes­tants Jen­nifer Evans and Leigh Sexton rep­re­sent which state? 4 Which US ac­tor was born Archibald Alexan­der Leach in Eng­land in 1904? 5 Who is Australia’s Min­is­ter for De­fence? 6 Mt Ossa is the high­est peak in which Aus­tralian state? 7 In 1993, Cze­choslo­vakia split into which two coun­tries? 8 Anne of Cleves was the fourth wife of which English king? 9 What was US singer-ac­tor Frank Si­na­tra’s favourite colour? 10 In which year did New Zealand mountainee­r 18 What colour is the Cir­cle Line on a map of the London Un­der­ground? 19 What was Aus­tralian singer Johnny O’keefe’s mid­dle name? 20 Of which coun­try was Ola­fur Thors prime min­is­ter on five sep­a­rate oc­ca­sions? 21 Who is cap­tain of the AFL team Ade­laide? 22 The word “tsunami” comes from which lan­guage? 24 What na­tion­al­ity was as­tronomer Galileo Galilei? 25 US ac­tor Marilyn Mon­roe and which base­ball player mar­ried in 1954? 26 Who was sworn in as the 35th US pres­i­dent on Jan­uary 20, 1961? 27 In In­dian cook­ery, what is kulfi? 28 What does the ti­tle char­ac­ter feed her chil­dren in the nurs­ery rhyme There Was an Old

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