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averted! Just is­sued out a no spray-tan alert to our mod­els. Ap­par­ently, spray tan is the usual prep for lin­gerie shows. Yikes!”

Dita Von Teese, above, was ob­vi­ously not a fan of tan in a can for the man­nequins in her Von Fol­lies for Tar­get pa­rade at this year’s Mel­bourne Fash­ion Festival.

Don’t agree with the poster girl for au na­turel skin’s views? Well, what I am about to re­veal may make you turn a whiter shade of pale. The so-called safe al­ter­na­tive to the sun and so­lar­i­ums – the spray tan – could in fact be harm­ful. Sci­en­tists are say­ing the chem­i­cal colour ad­di­tive, di­hy­drox­y­ace­tone, or DHA, will not just give you a golden glow, but could well change your DNA and make you sick.

Take a deep breath . . . Univer­sity of Penn­syl­va­nia lung spe­cial­ist Dr Rey Panet­tieri says when you in­hale DHA it can be ab­sorbed into your blood­stream where it could da­m­age your DNA and cause can­cers. Sci­en­tists also say tests on cells show DHA may in­crease the sever­ity of other lung prob­lems such as asthma, em­phy­sema and chronic ob­struc­tive pul­monary dis­or­der.

While no tests have been con­ducted on hu­mans, do you re­ally want to be the guinea pig in this ex­per­i­ment? Be­sides even Hol­ly­wood’s ob­ses­sion with the tan is fad­ing . . . stylist Rob Zan­gardi says in a re­cent edi­tion of US Elle mag­a­zine “Snow White is this sea­son’s It girl”.

A quick flick through the mag’s ads shows white is more than all right at Louis Vuit­ton, Miu Miu and Dolce & Gab­bana cos­met­ics.

So if you’re nat­u­rally pale, don’t dye your­self orange with a dodgy spray tan be­cause for now at least your skin is in.

Look in the mir­ror and like what you see . . . this sea­son you re­ally are the fairest of them all. [email protected]­ver­

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