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With an em­phatic win over Luke McShane in a dra­matic last round of this year’s Tal Me­mo­rial in Moscow, Rus­sia, Mag­nus Carlsen clinched first place with 5.5 points out of nine games.

Fabi­ano Caruana and Teimour Rad­jabov tied for sec­ond place with five points each. Caruana went into the last round as the leader, but lost to Levon Aro­nian, al­low­ing the world’s num­ber one to claim the first prize.

Alexan­der Moroze­vich had a one-point lead af­ter a mag­nif­i­cent 4-out-of-5 start, but fin­ished on 50 per cent af­ter los­ing three games in a row.

The fi­nal-round game be­tween McShane and Carlsen was par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant be­cause a win would have al­lowed McShane to share the first place. Af­ter the Rui Lopez open­ing, a com­plex po­si­tion arose with white won­der­ing what to do about the an­noy­ing black knight that was lodged in the mid­dle of the board.

In the end he set­tled for 19.c3, weak­en­ing his Pb3, and af­ter the strong 21. a5! Carlsen firmly seized the ini­tia­tive.

Luke McShane v Mag­nus Carlsen in Rus­sia in 2012: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Be7 6. Bxc6 dxc6 7. d3 Nd7 8. b3 O-O 9. Bb2 f6 10. Nc3 Re8 11. Kh1 Nf8 12. Ne2 c5 13. Nh4 Ne6 14. Nf5 Bf8 15. Ne3 Nd4 16. f4 Be6 17. fxe5 fxe5 18. Ng1 g6 19. c3 Nc6 20. Nf3 Bg7 21. Qe1 a5 22. Rd1 a4 23. bxa4 Rxa4 24. a3 Rf8 25. Bc1 Ra8 26. Qg3 Bb3 27. Rde1 Qxd3 28. Ng4 Be6 29. Nh6+ Kh8 30. Qh4 Bf6 31. Bg5 Bxg5 32. Qxg5 Kg7 33. Qc1 Rf4 34. Rd1 Qc4 35. Rfe1 Raf8 36. Ng5 Bc8 37. g3 Rf2 38. Nf5+ gxf5 39. Nh3 Re2 40. Qg5+ Kh8 0-1+.

Prob­lem No 1522 from the game Kara­sola v Schoeneber­g in Swe­den in 1873. Black to play and win.

So­lu­tion to prob­lem No 1521: 1. Rf5! gf5 2. g6 hg6 3. f7 1-0.

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