Name the NASA rover which suc­cess­fully landed on Mars ear­lier this month.

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11 Heron Is­land is off the coast of which Aus­tralian state? 12 Who is Prime Min­is­ter of Pa­pua New Guinea? 13 Bride Run­ning Away is a paint­ing by which renowned Aus­tralian artist? 14 In Ro­man mythol­ogy, who was the god­dess of the dawn? 15 Name the for­mer ed­i­tor of Cos­mopoli­tan mag­a­zine who died in New York ear­lier this month. 16 A Novel With­out a Hero is the sub­ti­tle of which book by English au­thor Wil­liam Make­peace Thack­eray? 27 Mess of­fi­cer Milo Min­derbinder is a char­ac­ter in which book by US au­thor Joseph Heller? 28 What num­ber did Mark Ricciuto wear for the Crows? 29 Which US base­ball player was nick­named the Iron Horse? 30 In which year was the Queen born in Lon­don? 31 In which Aus­tralian state is the mouth of the River Mur­ray? 32 Who is the British Prime Min­is­ter? 33 In which Aus­tralian state should a let­ter ad­dressed with the post­code 3099 be de­liv­ered? 34 What is the atomic num­ber of mer­cury? North Is­land or South Is­land? 45 Who be­came the first fe­male pres­i­dent of Ar­gentina in 1974? 46 Which US singer-song­writer used the stage name Jerry Lan­dis early in his ca­reer? 47 The Cay­man Is­lands are in which sea? 48 What is the 15th let­ter of the English al­pha­bet? 49 Which for­mer Aus­tralian prime min­is­ter was born in Sydney on July 26, 1939? 50 Who is the host of Hot Seat on Chan­nel 9?

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