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HALF AN HOUR BE­HIND? The time has come to once again put our clocks for­ward and be­grudg­ingly get out of bed an hour ear­lier. But just like wak­ing up on the wrong side of the bed, SA re­mains a groggy 30 min­utes out of step with the rest of the na­tion. There was a chance to right the half-hour wrong when the states syn­chro­nised day­light sav­ing day in April 2008, but the time passed. Turn your clock

for­ward at 2am tomorrow.

WAKE UP ON TIME Avoid the con­fu­sion tomorrow and let your smart­phone do the work. Be­sides au­to­mat­i­cally ad­just­ing it­self to day­light sav­ing time, your phone can wake you gen­tly with the Sleep Cy­cle Alarm Clock. This handy app wakes you dur­ing your light­est sleep cy­cle. $1.99, itunes.ap­ple.


THE GREAT DE­BATE The day­light sav­ing de­bate con­tin­ues to rage. Some say it causes tech glitches, safety con­cerns for morn­ing trav­ellers, con­fu­sion for farm­ers and health is­sues. Those ar­gu­ing the af­fir­ma­tive be­lieve that the ex­tra hour of day­light can mean fewer road ac­ci­dents, more time for fam­ily and leisure, in­creased tourism and en­ergy

sav­ings. Where do you stand?

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