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The ques­tion aris­ing from Nigel Austin’s ex­cel­lent fea­ture ( Run­ning on Empty, 7/12/13) is whether El­ders is pit­ting it­self against the his­tor­i­cal tide in a dra­mat­i­cally chang­ing na­tional ru­ral econ­omy. Hav­ing El­ders put it­self back to­gether again as it once was in its hal­cyon past is an ap­peal­ing idea. But whether it is re­al­is­tic is another mat­ter. It’s clear from Austin’s ar­ti­cle that if El­ders does go un­der at some point it won’t be as a re­sult of any in­her­ent fail­ing in the way the com­pany does busi­ness on the mea­sure of days gone by, but rather a con­se­quence of it be­com­ing an anachro­nism in the brave new world of ru­ral en­ter­prise.

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