What is the cap­i­tal of Hun­gary?

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1 What kind of per­son is an oenophile?

2 is Which of­ten re­ferred an­cient Greek to as the math­e­ma­ti­cian “Fa­ther of Ge­om­e­try”?

3 What do the letters in the ra­dio trans­mis­sion AM stand for?

4 Cod liver oil is rich in which vi­ta­min needed by the body to ab­sorb cal­cium?

5 Which city will host the 2014 Com­mon­wealth Games?

6 Name the US drama­tist who wrote the 1964 one-act play In­ci­dent at Vichy.

7 What is a petronella – a woman’s hat with a broad flex­i­ble brim, a Scot­tish coun­try dance or a Philip­pine dish of stuffed poul­try?

8 What is ster­nu­ta­tion?

9 Which mem­ber of The Rolling Stones has a daugh­ter called Theodora?

10 Which colour is the District Line on a map of the Lon­don Un­der­ground?

11 Who sang the 1962 hit Good Luck


12 Which part of the body is af­fected by sil­i­co­sis?

13 What does the ex­pres­sion “put one’s shoul­der to the wheel” mean?

14 In Greek mythol­ogy, who was the god of the north wind?

15 What was the name of Humphrey Bog­art’s char­ac­ter in the 1942 film


16 Which an­i­mal has the Latin name lu­pus?

17 J. Pier­re­pont Finch is the leading male char­ac­ter in which mu­si­cal?

18 What is Is­rael’s na­tional air­line?

19 What was the ti­tle of the de­but al­bum by English singer-song­writer Amy Wine­house?

words marty smith

20 Who wrote the book Gul­liver’s Trav­els?

21 What is the first sign of the zo­diac?

22 Which New York street is fa­mous for its stock ex­change?

23 Which coun­try owns the Balearic Is­lands in the western Mediter­ranean?

24 In which Amer­i­can state is the city of Tampa?

25 What is am­ath­o­pho­bia?

26 In March 1968, which US pres­i­dent an­nounced he would not run for re-elec­tion?

27 Genghis Khan ruled which em­pire?

28 Jo­hor is a state in which Asian coun­try?

29 How many hy­dro­gen atoms are in a

wa­ter mol­e­cule?

30 What is the of­fi­cial lan­guage of Brazil?

31 Which al­co­holic spirit is used in a pina co­lada?

32 What does the mu­si­cal di­rec­tion “maestoso” mean?

33 What is the “au­tumn of life”?

34 Which was the first Ja­panese mar­tial art to gain wide­spread in­ter­na­tional recog­ni­tion?

35 Of which wood are cricket bats tra­di­tion­ally made?

37 What are the Ro­man nu­mer­als for 19?

38 Who di­rected the film X-Men: Days of

Fu­ture Past?

39 Name the Scot­tish bi­ol­o­gist who re­ceived most of the credit for the dis­cov­ery of peni­cillin.

40 In which play by Wil­liam Shake­speare does the char­ac­ter Fran­cis Flute ap­pear?

41 Who sang the 1987 hit I Knew You Were

Wait­ing (For Me) with Aretha Franklin?

42 To which singer was US model Christie Brink­ley once mar­ried?

43 The South Aus­tralian town of Border­town is near the bor­der of which other state?

44 In which Euro­pean coun­try is the moun­tain­ous Black For­est re­gion?

45 Are pro­tons pos­i­tively or neg­a­tively charged?

46 Who played Rowdy Yates in the

tele­vi­sion se­ries Rawhide?

47 Who wrote the 1985 book Il­ly­whacker?

48 Which for­mer South Aus­tralian Lib­eral leader joined the state La­bor Govern­ment on May 27?

49 What is the cap­i­tal of the Amer­i­can state of Arkansas?

50 In the chil­dren’s an­i­mated tele­vi­sion

se­ries Peppa Pig, who is the ti­tle char­ac­ter’s best friend?

1 A con­nois­seur of wine 2 Eu­clid 3 Am­pli­tude mod­u­la­tion 4 Vi­ta­min D 5 Glas­gow 6 Arthur Miller 7 A Scot­tish coun­try dance 8 The ac­tion of sneez­ing 9 Keith Richards 10 Green 11 Elvis Pres­ley 12 The lungs 13 To work hard 14 Boreas

15 Rick Blaine 16 A wolf 17 How to Suc­ceed in Busi­ness With­out Re­ally Try­ing 18 El Al 19 Frank 20 Jonathan Swift 21 Aries 22 Wall Street 23 Spain 24 Florida 25 The fear of dust 26 Lyn­don John­son 27 The Mon­gol Em­pire 28 Malaysia 29 Two 30 Por­tuguese 31 Rum 32 In a ma­jes­tic or stately man­ner 33 Old age 34 Judo 35 Wil­low 36 Bu­dapest 37 XIX 38 Bryan Singer 39 Sir Alexan­der Flem­ing

40 A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream 41 Ge­orge Michael 42 Billy Joel 43 Vic­to­ria 44 Ger­many 45 Pos­i­tively 46 Clint East­wood 47 Peter

Carey 48 Martin Hamil­ton-Smith 49 Lit­tle Rock

50 Suzy Sheep

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