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1 In Greene’s novel Our Man in Ha­vana (1958), what kind of sales­man is the pro­tag­o­nist, James Wor­mold? (6,7)

7 In Les Mur­ray’s fa­mous poem about a man weep­ing in Martin Place, what is “ab­so­lutely or­di­nary”? (7)

9 Who wrote Good­bye Baby­lon (2002), which was banned in South Aus­tralia be­cause of ref­er­ences to the Snow­town mur­ders? (5)

10 What lit­er­ary term can be ap­plied to Spencer’s Faerie Queene (1590), Bun­yan’s Pil­grim’s Progress (1678) and Dryden’s Ab­sa­lom and Achi­tophel (1681)? (8)

11 In the Bi­ble, which son of Adam and Eve mur­dered his brother Abel be­cause his of­fer­ing to God was not re­ceived? (4)

13 Which English city on the Ouse River was the site of Here­ward the Wake’s last stand? (3)

14 Dat­ing back to 1605, and given here in the sin­gu­lar, what old word is still used to mean a punch-up? (9)

16 From which house do Rod­er­ick and his twin sis­ter Made­line de­scend? (5)

18 Sit­u­ated north of the Gulf of Pa­trae, for which an­cient re­gion of Greece was Oeneus king? (7)

19 What is the term of ser­vice of a pa­pal nun­cio? (10)

20 What is the 14th let­ter of the Greek al­pha­bet? (2)

21 From the Greek, what word el­e­ment means “strange” or “alien”? (4)

22 Which sol­dier and states­man granted in­de­pen­dence through­out the French ter­ri­to­ries when he was pres­i­dent of France (1959–69)? (2,6)


1 In which part of the so­lar year was the feast of the dawn god­dess Eas­tre, a fes­ti­val which gives its name to Easter? (6,7)

2 Which Aus­tralian La­bor politi­cian in his 1949 speech saw “the light on the hill”? (7)

3 What col­lo­quial name for Par­lia­ment refers to the func­tion that pos­si­bly li­bel­lous state­ments can be made in the cham­ber with­out fear of prose­cu­tion? (7,6)

4 “No, it is not only our fate but our busi­ness to lose in­no­cence, and once we have lost that, it is fu­tile to at­tempt a pic­nic in …” El­iz­a­beth Bowen, Out of a Book (4)

5 What is an Abo­rig­i­nal club or heavy weapon? (5-5)

6 Orig­i­nally de­rived from plants, what sub­stance softens when heated and is used in var­nishes? (5)

8 What is rhyming slang for a suit? (3,2,5)

12 Be­cause so many of her chil­dren and grand­chil­dren mar­ried into Euro­pean royal houses, who was nick­named “the grand­mother of Europe”? (8)

15 “A book is a … crea­ture, it suf­fers the wear of time, it fears ro­dents, the el­e­ments and clumsy hands” Eco,

The Name of the Rose (7) 17 Which Chi­nese prov­ince is con­sid­ered the birth­place of Chi­nese cul­ture and con­tains the Pagoda For­est of the Shaolin Tem­ple? (5)

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