Who sang the theme for the 1971 James Bond film Di­a­monds are For­ever?

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1 What does bi­cephalous mean? 2 In hu­man anatomy, what is the more com­mon name for the ax­illa? 3 What is the colour of the cross on the flag of Fin­land? 5 Lake Garda is the largest lake in which Euro­pean coun­try?

7 Who is No. 1 for AFL club Ade­laide? 4 In the 1963 hit Puff the Magic Dragon, who loved “that ras­cal Puff”?

6 What is a “storm in a teacup”?

8 Who wrote the play The Ice­man Cometh? 9 How many gold medals did Aus­tralia win at the Olympic Games in Mon­treal, Canada, in 1976? 10 To which sec­tion of an orches­tra does the vi­bra­phone be­long? 11 Which US city was the set­ting for the tele­vi­sion sit­u­a­tion com­edy se­ries Happy Days? 12 Name the founder of the Wik­iLeaks web­site. 13 Felipe VI is the new king of which Euro­pean coun­try?

14 How many acres are in a square mile? 15 Alde­baran is the bright­est star in which con­stel­la­tion?

16 Who was the Ro­man god­dess of hunt­ing?

17 Tbil­isi is the cap­i­tal of which coun­try?

18 Who is the pa­tron saint of Wales?

28 What is the na­tional flower of Aus­tria? 29 In area, what is the largest coun­try in South Amer­ica? 30 What is the to­tal num­ber of days in the months of the year be­gin­ning with A? 31 In which val­ley is the South Aus­tralian town of Ta­nunda?

32 Where is the Ocean of Storms? 33 What is the more com­mon name for diplopia? 34 Who di­rected the 1997 Aus­tralian com­edy film The Cas­tle?

35 What is the square root of 121? 36 In which Caribbean coun­try is the city of Mon­tego Bay? 46 How many moons does the planet Mer­cury have? 47 Prover­bially, what is the bet­ter part of valour?

48 How many de­grees are in a cir­cle? 49 Gra­ham Cornes was the in­au­gu­ral coach of which AFL club?

50 How many min­utes are in 71 hours?

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