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WAX­ING PFFFFT! Noth­ing would get on my goat quicker than go­ing through the in­tense pain of hav­ing hair ripped from my most sen­si­tive re­gions with noth­ing other than wax heated to the tem­per­a­ture of hot lava and then see­ing new ones ap­pear just over a week later. Are you kid­ding me? It was time to seek treat­ment by laser.

Silk was rec­om­mended to me by a friend who had var­i­ous ar­eas treated for hair re­moval prior to her wed­ding.

The en­tire process was much eas­ier than I imag­ined and a world away from the pain of wax­ing.

A ther­a­pist as­sesses the area that re­quires treat­ment. The hair is then shaved (the laser only has to hit the hair be­neath the skin) and the zaps of the laser be­gin. It's some­what painful but on a scale of com­par­i­son to wax­ing, prob­a­bly a four to wax­ing's 11 out of 10. It’s also less painful the more treat­ments you have, as hair is more sparse.

I had a course of seven treat­ments and most of my hair dropped out af­ter the first treat­ment.

It works best on darker coloured hair and lighter skin tone as the laser picks up on colour con­trast. Six month later and barely a hair ever says hello. Win­ter's the best time for laser treat­ment, too – so hop on the band­wagon quickly.


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