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Does he show pref­er­ence for spe­cific ob­jects – a favourite pil­low, toy or blan­ket, for in­stance? Does he en­joy be­ing touched around the neck, back and face – es­pe­cially stroking or pet­ting? Does he re­act to rhythm and mu­sic – for ex­am­ple, does he like sit­ting on a ra­dio or pi­ano, mov­ing in time to the mu­sic by rock­ing, danc­ing or twitch­ing his tail? Is he aware of the pass­ing of time, such as be­ing able to pre­dict or an­tic­i­pate when cer­tain peo­ple will leave or re­turn home? Can he pre­dict a change in the weather – eg, does he hide be­fore a storm or stay close to the fire­place be­fore a cold snap? Does he show his feel­ings, such as jeal­ousy, love or worry, to­wards other an­i­mals or hu­mans in the house? Here, you’ll be test­ing what your cat does rather than just ob­serv­ing him. If he does more than one thing, cir­cle each one and add all the scores to­gether. You’ll need some ma­te­ri­als, in­clud­ing string, a thick rub­ber band and a bell or some­thing else that makes a ring­ing noise. TEST 4 Place a thick rub­ber band on the floor 2-4in (5-10cm) in front of your cat. What does he do? Touches it with paw – 2 points. Touches with nose – 2 points. Be­gins to chew band –2 points. Picks up band with paw – 4 points. Trans­fers band from paw to paw – 4 points. This is a bonus round. Read th­ese three state­ments and see if your cat can do them. If he can, add the points to the fi­nal score. This is the op­po­site of Sec­tion on C – this time we’re tak­ing off points for less than in­tel­li­gent be­hav­iour! Again,, read th­ese state­ments. If they ap­ply to your puss, deduct the req­ui­site num­ber um­ber of points from your to­tal so far.

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