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The Advertiser - SA Weekend - - PET QUIZ -

Does your cat keep his tail flat on the floor when eat­ing? Is your cat able to follow mov­ing ob­jects with his eyes only, with­out mov­ing his body? Does he show aware­ness of odours in his im­me­di­ate sur­round­ings, ie, does he ei­ther like or dis­like the smell of per­fumes, medicines, lo­tions, other an­i­mals, etc? RAT­ING SCALE: Never – 1 Sel­dom – 2 Of­ten – 3 Usu­ally – 4 Al­ways – 5 TEST 2 Pull a piece of string across the floor in front of your cat. What does he do? Watches with his eyes –2 points. Touches with nose – 2 points. Grabs with paw – 4 points. TEST 3 Ring a bell or tap a glass with a knife to make a soft ring­ing noise be­hind nd your cat. What does he do?

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