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“If you want it, you can have it.” This sort of pos­i­tive mantra from Michelle Bridges has inspired thou­sands of men and women to get fit and healthy.

But the Michelle Bridges story also of­fers some­thing of a cau­tion­ary tale. Sure, you can have what­ever you want; but some­times there is a high price to be paid.

Bridges is find­ing this out the hard way right now, af­ter an­nounc­ing on the front cover of she is hav­ing a baby with her part­ner Steve “The Com­mando” Wil­lis, pic­tured above. It’s a mag she has turned to re­peat­edly over the years to share de­tails of her loves, re­grets, tri­umphs and heartaches.

Like any other woman, Bridges has ev­ery right to be happy about be­ing preg­nant at 44. But did she need to an­nounce it on the cover of a tabloid mag­a­zine in breath­less lurid de­tail?

One minute she’s com­plain­ing about the pa­parazzi, and the other she’s giv­ing step-by-step ac­counts of how she broke the good news to Wil­lis while he was sit­ting work­ing at the com­puter.

Cau­tion is war­ranted be­cause Wil­lis has two young chil­dren by his for­mer part­ner, and one from another re­la­tion­ship be­fore that.

The youngest of Wil­lis’s chil­dren was just 19 months old when he and his pre­vi­ous part­ner sep­a­rated around three years ago. De­spite the pass­ing of time, re­la­tions are still pretty frosty be­tween his ex and Bridges.

So why would Bridges and Wil­lis in­flame the sit­u­a­tion by ap­pear­ing on the cover of trum­pet­ing their love and hap­pi­ness? All it did was in­spire Wil­lis’s ex — who’s known by her first name Froso — to re­turn serve in ri­val pub­li­ca­tion

It’s not a good look and the chil­dren de­serve bet­ter from all of them. It seems I am not the only one to feel this way. While most of the mes­sages on Bridges’ Face­book page this week were pos­i­tive, some were down­right nasty. “I used to love these 2 but af­ter what they did it makes me sick look­ing at them! I feel sorry for his wife and chil­dren that he de­serted!,” wrote one.

Clearly, Wil­lis wasn’t happy with Froso; oth­er­wise he wouldn’t have left her for Bridges. He’s a grown man who has ev­ery right to seek hap­pi­ness in a new re­la­tion­ship. How­ever, the tim­ing of the new re­la­tion­ship and the way it started is clearly an on­go­ing is­sue for Froso. For in­stance, she claims she only learned there was some­thing go­ing on when Wil­lis didn’t come home af­ter a wrap party for

This is why it would have been smarter for Wil­lis and Bridges to be a lit­tle more low-key about their baby news.

In any case, Bridges has noth­ing to prove. She worked her way on to the Forbes Rich List for women through her phe­nom­e­nally suc­cess­ful 12 Week Body Trans­for­ma­tion. Throw in TV pay­ments, book deals and a se­ries of lu­cra­tive en­dorse­ments, and you have a pretty im­pres­sive ca­reer. So why talk end­lessly about her pri­vate life in the tabloids?

I un­der­stand that on one level it’s smart busi­ness. These days, en­trepreneur­s like Bridges are not just selling prod­ucts like vi­ta­mins and fit­ness pro­grams, they’re selling them­selves and their im­age.

Such sto­ries keep peo­ple like her in the spotlight and tales of heartache of­ten en­dear them to their cus­tomers.

But it doesn’t al­ways work out so well for oth­ers — like Wil­lis’s chil­dren and for­mer part­ner — who are not trapped in the celebrity vor­tex.

Things didn’t im­prove this week when Bridges sug­gested her “good health” was the key to her fall­ing preg­nant nat­u­rally at 44.

There was a so­cial media out­cry, and doc­tors hur­ried to as­sure women although good health is im­por­tant, it’s by no means as im­por­tant as age.

You see, a woman’s eggs age at the same rate re­gard­less of how many sit-ups she can do. It’s another re­minder of the im­por­tance of Bridges tak­ing care over what she says in public.

In the end, I am sure Bridges will go on to have a baby who will be much loved, but she mustn’t for­get the feel­ings and needs of the other chil­dren in this re­la­tion­ship. She also needs to en­sure her de­sire to cash in on her pri­vate life doesn’t wreck the lives of peo­ple who don’t have on speed dial.

No doubt she will learn in time that just be­cause you want some­thing, it doesn’t mean you should al­ways have it. Blog with Susie at susieobrie­, Face­­se and fol­low her on Twit­ter @susieob

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