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Birds cer­tainly do teach the cy­cle of life and death, Ian Hen­schke ( SAWeek­end, Novem­ber 21-22). We had chicks and duck­lings when we moved to our hobby farm but I strug­gled with the death end of the cy­cle.

The chicks were well be­haved, but the duck­lings were re­bel­lious and ad­ven­tur­ous. They wanted to see the world so fled the coop. The mother fran­ti­cally quacked com­mands but they didn’t lis­ten.

The dog killed a few and the cats a few more. Then our calf licked one, flat. I was dev­as­tated and took the last three into the house.

One was a bully, push­ing the oth­ers into the wa­ter bowl. I took turns tak­ing them to the warmth of our bed. But the bully went too far ... then there was one.

He swam hap­pily in warm wa­ter in the sink. I dried him and put him un­der the heat lamp but an hour later, he died. I was mor­ti­fied. I’d killed the last of 14. The moral? Lis­ten to your mother...

Julie Cahill Vic­tor Har­bor

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