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REY Bri­tish ac­tress Daisy Ri­d­ley, 23, plays Rey, a desert scav­enger on the world of Jakku, a junk­yard planet lit­tered with rem­nants of a great bat­tle be­tween the New Repub­lic and the Ga­lac­tic Em­pire. KYLO REN Gawky man-child Adam Driver from is the new vil­lain, a Force-sen­si­tive hu­man in touch with his Dark Side. His lightsaber is an an­cient cross­guard de­sign in which raw power vents from a pri­mary blade. POE DAMERON Os­car Isaac, one of the best young ac­tors around, (

is a for­mer pi­lot in the Re­sis­tance, and a mem­ber of Black Squadron. BB-8 is his loyal droid. GEN­ERAL HUX Domhall Glee­son (again,

plays a cruel leader of the First Or­der who is keen to let the galaxy know how pow­er­ful he is. FINN John Boyega is a run­away Stormtrooper and trained war­rior, Finn, who crashes on Jakku but sur­vives and meets Rey. HAN SOLO Har­ri­son Ford, 73, is back as the smug­gler from the planet Corel­lia who achieved ga­lac­tic fame as a mem­ber of the Rebel Al­liance and later the New Repub­lic. PRINCESS LEIA Leia Or­gana Solo is a Force­sen­si­tive hu­man, the daugh­ter of a fallen Jedi knight and the twin sis­ter of Luke Sky­walker. Raised as a princess, she be­comes a key mem­ber of the Al­liance to re­store the Repub­lic. And she loves Han. R2-D2 An as­tromech an­droid trusted by Leia to bring a copy of the Death Star plans to the Jedi mas­ter, Obi-Wan Kenobi on the planet Tat­tooine. LUKE SKY­WALKER Mark Ham­mill plays a Force-sen­si­tive hu­man who helped de­feat the Ga­lac­tic Em­pire and found the New Repub­lic. Son of the fallen Jedi knight Anakin Sky­walker, he’s back, older, bearded, and hooded like a monk. CHEW­BACCA Chewie to his friends, Chew­bacca (Peter May­hew) is a leg­endary Wook­iee and co-pi­lot of Han Solo’s ship, the Mil­len­nium Fal­con. C-3PO A bipedal, golden hu­manoid an­droid who talks like Jeeves and is pro­grammed for eti­quette and pro­to­col. He’s back, with an un­ex­plained red arm.

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