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Liar, liar — IQ’s higher


IF your six-year-old is a seasoned fibber, don’t fret — it probably means he or she is unusually bright.

Scientists have found clear evidence that children who are good liars have better verbal working memories.

The British study involved a quiz in which 114 six and sevenyear-olds were tempted to cheat by peeking at an answer written on the back of a card.

The children were observed by a concealed video camera, so the scientists knew who had looked at the back of the card.

Children who got the answer right, and claimed they had not cheated, were tested with “entrapment questions” based on the written answer and accompanyi­ng picture.

The children were asked if they could guess the colour of the writing or what the picture showed. If they pretended not to know, or deliberate­ly guessing wrongly, they were classified as good liars.

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