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IT’S official – James Packer’s new love, Mariah Carey is meeting members of the “family”.

The loved up couple has posed for shots with Packer’s exwife, Jodhi Meares, in Capri and she has posted the snap on her Instagram page to acknowledg­e not only her enduring friendship with Packer but also her massive approval of the new coupling.

And doesn’t James Packer, slim and in a dark polo shirt, look extremely pleased and happy with himself. Carey, 45 who is wearing a shiny blue bikini under a black sun top, appears almost coy and demure while Meares in Mediterran­ean white also looks happy and relaxed. She has captioned the shot, which was taken aboard the Arctic P, “amore”.

The fact Meares, along with her mum and sister, just happened to be in Capri at the same time as Packer and Carey, seems to indicate he couldn’t wait to introduce this new love to the woman who has remained one of his closest friends and confidante­s.

However, it’s obvious from the shot Meares is just happy James Packer is now in an extremely good place. It will be interestin­g to observe which other members of the Packer innercircl­e make it on to the Arctic P.

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