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‘Whining house hunters too lazy’


WOULD-BE homebuyers who think they can’t afford the market may just be too lazy to work at their dream or have unrealisti­c expectatio­ns of living in houses beyond their means, a high-profile property expert says.

Andrew Winter, the host of Selling Houses Australia and a News Corp Australia property columnist, said affordabil­ity problems were “not always the fault of the government, lenders, greedy sellers or overseas cashed-up buyers,”.

“It can be whining buyers who expect to be able to afford the suburb they want, the house size or type they dream of,’’ he said..

Winter said the heat in the property market wasn’t forcing buyers to live in the middle of nowhere to afford a home, but just to compromise a little.

Too many complained that they couldn’t get into the market, but bypassed perfectly acceptable homes as they sought perfection, he said.

“If the house says more about the need for a good clean and a pest spray than (how it meets) your lifestyle, don’t moan you can’t afford to buy, knuckle down and compromise,’’ he said.

Winter encouraged firsttime buyers to realise “sweat equity”, the capital growth that comes when you buy within your means and improve the property when you can afford it.

He said

renovation-based television shows probably had to take a bit of responsibi­lity for buyers developing an attitude of “I want a display home, not a normal one’’.

“I have witnessed this time and time again,’’ he said, adding he recently felt sorry for the agents of two tired properties that had failed to sell despite reasonable price tags,” he said.

“The poor agents had a seriously good product to sell, vendors that understood their properties were valued at less than their full market potential, yet buyers continuall­y rejected them.

“I do wonder if the buyers were the same ones that moan and groan about houses prices?’’

A real estate agent before he became a popular TV host, Winter said the attitude to buying property had changed over the decades from his parents’ era when their first-home didn’t even come with floor coverings — that was something you bought later when you could afford to — to his generation, who bought where they wanted to be and did up or extended the house in the future.

“It doesn’t matter if it is a bit grotty, it just needs cleaning until it can be renovated,’’ he said.

“A nice clean and functional bathroom and a nice bedroom, are my two essentials. ‘’ SATURDAY: READ ANDREW WINTER IN THE REAL ESTATE MAGAZINE

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