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Sinking feeling


REGARDING Christophe­r Pyne’s opinion piece on longterm planning by state and federal government­s and the outcomes which flow from this ( The Advertiser, yesterday), our State Government has been in office for the past 13 years and has been grossly negligent in its planning for the future prosperity of SA.

Our charges are the highest in Australia, our state debt is the biggest it has been and our Treasurer is continuall­y blaming the Federal Government for these problems which are largely of our state’s own making.

The residents of the South East are only too well aware that our highly profitable pine forests were sold at a “fire” sale price to fund the upgrade of the Adelaide Oval and expensive footbridge. While these two projects have dramatical­ly improved the Adelaide city, they have been at a high cost to other projects and the coffers of our state.

An income of $50 million per year plus inflation has been forsaken by our State Government for the next 100 years.

Unless drastic action is taken right now and we demand better Government we will sink further and further into a bigger black hole of debt and there will be little left to sell. MARGARET CONSIDINE,

Mount Gambier.


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