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Look to Perth


WHEN will the Weatherill Government come to its collective senses? I suspect never. However, surely it is absolute folly to spend $160 millionplu­s on the O-Bahn extension to save a whopping 180 seconds on the journey.

By far the best option from a survey of the locals (The Advertiser, 16/6/15) would be to scrap the plan and spend only a portion of the money on enlarging interchang­e parking areas.

With this in mind why not send Transport and Infrastruc­ture Minister Stephen Mullighan over to Perth as their system at train stations and bus interchang­es works a treat.

On second thoughts not the Transport Minister; I reckon Wayne Nicholls from Royston Park would do a great job, with his usual consultant’s fee of course!

P.H. MARTIN, Balgowan.

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