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I WOULD have thought the Pope would have had more confidence in the Lord, than to think that mere man could alter the climate of the earth he created. VAL SPENCER, Kingscote, KI. our water needs; thus the proportion that the desal plant is capable of supplying reduces.

The State Government’s 2015 update of the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide shows there has been population growth of 15,600 persons per annum since 2008.

The plan’s overall population growth target is 560,000 – a 50 per cent increase on 2008 levels.

If achieved, it means instead of supplying half our drinking water, the desal plant will be able to supply one third. Where will the rest come from during times of drought?

Yes, Adelaide needed a form of water insurance (with the majority preferring largescale stormwater harvesting over desalinati­on).

The problem is the State Government is using the desal plant as a licence to accelerate population growth for the developmen­t industry rather than the saviour from drought it ought to be. C. FAULKNER,

Cheltenham. need a script from our GP for the butcher? HARTLEY FOLLAND,

Glenelg North.

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