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Fremont-Elizabeth City High School to scrap year levels


Finally the realisatio­n has hit home that many of the philosophi­es in use in our public education system are not working. KEVIN Congrats for breaking the mould, being innovative, and putting learning first. I wish the school, its staff and the students all the best. DAVID The homogenisa­tion of students at Fremont signals desperatio­n for a solution to what the area as a whole suffers from, economic decline and its social consequenc­es. TERRY It sounds great to me. Bring it on. I went to a school that was streamed, and it worked for all of us. JOAN Schools will never improve until they do something about the teachers who are not performing in the best interests of the students. BOB DOWN Although I do not want to sound negative and certainly believe that new ideas are worth trying, the fact that so-called “streaming” has been around for half a century so calling it something new is just recycling. JT This sounds like a great idea, I do hope it will be implemente­d. There is nothing wrong with upgrading the system. However, it is very sad to hear that so many students have been failing. LENA Finally someone realised that the old way of doing things isn’t necessaril­y working for kids, sounds like a great initiative! SIMMONE What happens when they leave school and get into the workplace ... Will they expect the workplace to be as flexible as this ... And if it doesn’t work? BEVERLEY My high school did similar in the 80s and it worked well! MARISA All this does is hide the bad performers in a classroom down the back ... out of sight, out of mind. DES

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