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Obama’s plea for bipartisan­ship is one of the better examples of political co-operation


a different situation this year as they mourned victims of the mass shooting in Charleston.

In response, US President Barack Obama gave an impassione­d speech on the need for gun control. His plea for bipartisan­ship evokes one of the better examples of political cooperatio­n in our history.

After the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, John Howard’s leadership on gun law reform saw the implementa­tion of an agine new-found cooperatio­n and work on the big issues of the day such as climate change, tax reform and refugees.

Even the image of politician­s across the political spectrum rolling up their sleeves, sitting together and discussing significan­t issues would delight us. It would help set the tone for a more peaceful and understand­ing society. After the weekend’s timely reminders, we need it more than ever.

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