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Bike light really is a bright idea


A LIGHTING engineer has used his skills from the car manufactur­ing industry to develop a revolution­ary bicycle light.

Des Burns, founder of consultanc­y Design Brains has created a front bicycle light with a two directiona­l beam.

The forward beam projects with width and distance, while the downward beam creates a rectangula­r light on the ground. The downward optics also illuminate­s the front of the bike, providing riders with a better view of their terrain - and drivers with vision of the rider.

Mr Burns had spent 15 years in the UK’s automotive industry before moving to South Australia in 2005 to work at Holden, and other multidisci­plined design facilities. He said his experience and skills contribute­d to the idea for the bike light in August last year.

“I had just started riding again and (because of a car) nearly came off my bike,” he said. “The prototype was left of field and different from the bike light industry. It can be mounted without the use of tools. The clasp locks it into place and it’s easy to use.”

Design Brains has used social media and the Kickstarte­r website to raise more than $87,000.

Called the DING, the light has sparked worldwide interest, and attracted support from SA cycling star Anna Meares.

“Singapore, Japan, US, UK and France ... with the funding in place I’ve had quite a few calls ... the largest order has been worth $15,000 for South Korea,” he said.

The DING Kickstarte­r campaign finishes on Saturday.

 ?? Picture: STEPHEN LAFFER ?? SAFE: Consultanc­y Design Brains’ Des Burns.
Picture: STEPHEN LAFFER SAFE: Consultanc­y Design Brains’ Des Burns.
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