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A little help goes a long way


ADELAIDE lawyer Jodie Bradbrook says mentoring by top legal profession­als has helped her on the path to a successful career.

Ms Bradbrook, who launched her own firm Bradbrook Lawyers in 2011, worked as a receptioni­st after completing Year 12 in the mid-1980s.

“I come from a workingcla­ss background and grew up in the northern suburbs,” she said. “(Back then) you finished Year 12 and got a job. My parents paid for me to do a course and I became a receptioni­st.”

One person who had taken notice of Ms Bradbrook’s high marks in school was lawyer, and now magistrate Peter Snopek. “Peter was always very interested in my achievemen­ts and education and talked to me about what I was going to do after finishing school,” she said.

Mr Snopek wrote a reference for Ms Bradbrook which helped her land her first job at law firm Nicholls Gervasi.

There, she worked as secretary for lawyer – now Senior Counsel – Michael Roder, who also mentored and encouraged Ms Bradbrook to study law. “I kept in contact with Michael and finally, in 1995 when I turned 25, I started a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Adelaide and then got into law,” she said.

“I was working full time while completing my law degree.”

She later worked for law firms interstate and as inhouse counsel for Telstra.

The desire to start her own business, however, was strong.

“I provide clients with pragmatic advice that minimises their risk, even if that means making less money,” she said.

She also values the advice of her team, which includes two lawyers, a practice manager, a consultant and an administra­tive assistant.

“I have told them to read the vision statement on our website and to tell me at any time if they think I’m not working to that vision statement,” added Ms Bradbrook.

I provide clients with pragmatic advice JODIE BRADBROOK

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