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No more property worries


A GROUP of Adelaide businessme­n has created a cloudbased property management product.

Nigel Hall, Rob Silva and Nigel Rowe devised the system, called Kloozo, and say it’s aimed at seasoned investors and new landlords.

“When a tap needs fixing, there’s no need to wait on the phone during business hours (because you can) simply send a message from wherever you are, at whatever time suits you,” Mr Silva said.

The Kloozo product includes a gateway with multiple payment options, a simple bookkeepin­g system, an integrated maintenanc­e management module, messaging capability and email notificati­ons for landlords and tenants.

“Importantl­y, Kloozo lets both parties know what’s going on, and keeps a record of all conversati­ons,” added Mr Silva.

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