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Bite on the hunt as manager opts to stay in USA


THE Adelaide Bite is on the hunt for a new manager after confirming Brooke Knight will not be returning for the 2015/16 season.

Based in San Diego with his wife and 16-year-old son Briley, Knight couldn’t make the commitment to return and instead chose to focus on his personal life.

“He was umming and ahhing about it for a while and we’ve delayed the decision to give him the best option,” Bite CEO Nathan Davison said.

“Being with his son during the important teenage years of his life was the focus for Brooke.”

The Christmas period proved the decider for Knight as it would force him to miss significan­t time back in San Diego.

“They don’t have a big Christmas break over there like we do here,” Davison said.

“When you compare the time with the games and his son’s school break, it just wasn’t feasible.”

Knight may not be back this season, but Davison hinted he may return in the future.

“He was a big part of creating what we had last year and what he’s done will stay with the team,” he said. “We’ve got a real Aussie core here and everyone will stay together pretty well.

“He’ll be watching from afar, and I’m sure he’s not done with us forever. I think he’d like to come back here at some stage.”

Knight managed the Perth Heat during their back-toback championsh­ips in 2011 and 2012 before moving to Ad- elaide in 2013. Back in the US he is head coach of the Crovallis Knights, an Oregon based collegiate summer team competing in the West Coast League.

Adelaide will persevere and look for a new coach.

“We’ve already started looking, and we’re confident we can bring in someone to maintain the top quality we have here in Adelaide,” Davison said. james.hetheringt­

 ??  ?? GONE: Former Adelaide Bite Baseball manager Brooke Knight.
GONE: Former Adelaide Bite Baseball manager Brooke Knight.

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