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Victorian racing still in the dark


A RESOLUTION with wagering giant Tabcorp is Racing Victoria chief executive Bernard Saundry’s main priority this week.

Saundry said he wanted to negotiate the right commercial outcome in order to reinstate Victorian racing on to Sky Racing 1 and Sky Racing 2 channels to show in pubs and clubs as soon as possible.

Tabcorp is continuing its blackout policy imposed last week after learning that RVL’s preferred media provider for Victorian racing would be Seven West Media.

The Australian Hotels Associatio­n has called on Sky to reintroduc­e vision of Victorian racing immediatel­y.

AHA spokespers­on Stephen Ferguson said neither racing nor the hotels could afford to lose customers.

“It is frustratin­g that in the chase for new customers, racing’s traditiona­l and loyal pub tab customers are the people that suffer the most,” Ferguson said.

Saundry and RV got full agreement from all clubs on Sunday to commit to its plan to broadcast racing on Channel Seven.

A Tabcorp spokesman said yesterday they couldn’t show Victorian races on Sky Racing 1 and Sky Racing 2 as they didn’t have an agreement to do so and wouldn’t until they did.

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