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MyBudget data at risk as hackers identified


MYBUDGET has identified the hackers threatenin­g to release data about thousands of its customers.

About 13,000 customers of the Adelaide-based money management firm were affected by the ransomware attack last month, which resulted in system outages lasting close to two weeks.

Systems are back up and running, but the company is continuing its investigat­ion into how the cyber attack was carried out.

It has identified the Pysa/ Mespinoza group as the cybercrimi­nals behind last month’s attack.

Pysa/Mespinoza engages in a tactic known as “big game hunting”, where cybercrimi­nals target high-profile victims, breach their networks and then encrypt their files.

In previous cases of Pysa/ Mespinoza infections, most of the victims have been companies, suggesting the group specifical­ly targets large corporate networks in an attempt to maximise ransom demands.

However, in a statement, MyBudget said there was “no credible evidence” that sensitive data had been accessed.

“The investigat­ion is still ongoing, and there is no credible evidence that significan­t data was accessed or will be misused,” it said.

“MyBudget restored systems from backups, whilst ensuring clients’ money remained secure.

“As a precaution, we have written to clients and employees, past and current, to provide them with informatio­n on how they can protect themselves.”

MyBudget was establishe­d by multi-millionair­e businesswo­man Tammy Barton, pictured. Last month the company said it had “no intention of engaging with any ransom demands”.

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