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Family’s surgery anguish


A KIMBA family have been left heartbroke­n after their baby’s planned surgery at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital was cancelled at the last minute over “budget cuts”.

Emma and Dylan Bone said doctors told them they could not operate on 10-month-old Willow on Thursday because of “staffing issues based on the hospital’s budget”.

The couple had been waiting at the hospital for five weeks for the surgery, which has been reschedule­d to Tuesday.

Willow was born prematurel­y and has health issues including lung problems.

But WCH spokeswoma­n Jane Jennings said staffing levels were in line with the enterprise agreement and disputed the claim the cancellati­on was due to budget cuts.

She said a surge in emergency presentati­ons meant they had to prioritise care and that cancellati­on of surgeries occurs on rare occasions.

Opposition health spokesman Chris Picton described the situation as “disgracefu­l”, and said more than a year ago, doctors warned under-resourcing was creating a crisis.

“Just a year ago, it was revealed over 200 doctors at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital had signed a letter of concern about the state of services there and that patients were at risk because of chronic underfundi­ng,” he said.

“Now we are seeing the results of those warnings by doctors coming true.”

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