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Tough jobs, tough pumps


AUSTRALIAN Pump Industries (Aussie Pumps) reintroduc­ed Tsurumi’s LH series submersibl­es to Australia’s mining industry six years ago.

The aim was to repeat the great success achieved by the product in South Africa, the US and Canada.

Tsurumi’s LH series represents a breakthrou­gh in design and concept for mine dewatering pumps that face the harshest conditions.

The submersibl­es are cylindrica­l in shape; very different to the convention­al ‘broad belly’ design.

The obvious advantage for users is that Tsurumi pumps are equipped with high chrome iron impellers, designed for long lasting service and performanc­e.

The ranges starts with 100mm (4”) pumps all the way through to 8” pumps in a power ranged from 22kW through to 110 kW. The pumps will deliver flows of up to 6500 litres per minute and heads as high as 150m.

They don’t break

Tsurumi’s whole program is based around machines that are capable of providing continuous service with minimal maintenanc­e.

The unique, anti-wicking cable entry prevents water incursion due to capillary wicking. This means that even if the cable is cut, damaged, or the end submerged the water that penetrates the cable cannot wick into the motor.

The pump chamber has twin dual silicon carbide mechanical seals. These seals are rated as 5 times higher corrosion and heat resistance than tungsten carbide. The unique design incorporat­es an oil chamber with an ‘oil lifter’ that ensures complete lubricatio­n and cooling to all seal faces. Tsurumi LH series: Mine Friendly The slimline design means the pump can be installed in narrow spaces.

It can even be used in bores and wells, substantia­lly reducing installati­on costs. The flanged top discharge outlet ensures the pump is balanced for lifting.

Tsurumi: The Mining Solution

Australian Pump’s cooperatio­n with Tsurumi’s engineers has been rewarded with the fast-tracking of pumps that particular­ly suit Australia’s mining market.

Today, the fulfilment of the program includes 316 grade stainless steel LH series pumps from 22kW to 37kW and even as high as 110kW.

A comprehens­ive free literature pack is available from Australian Pump Industries on (02) 8865 3500.

 ??  ?? Two LH690 90kW dewatering pumps in a mine staging pit.
Two LH690 90kW dewatering pumps in a mine staging pit.

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