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Leaders in corrosion control


STEULER has become well known globally for its Industrial Corrosion Protection unit, which includes Surface Protection, Refractory Systems, and Plastics Engineerin­g divisions.

Together, they create a unique combinatio­n of innovative material developmen­ts and lining technologi­es.

Steuler’s plant constructi­on and environmen­tal technology implements custom, turnkey plants across the world, with an eye to protecting the environmen­t.

With the integratio­n of KCH ( Keramchimi­e), acquired in 2010, Steuler has taken a further significant step in its corporate evolution.

For clients of the two brands – which have traditiona­lly been in competitio­n – excellent new prospects have opened up.

Having a joint range of corrosion protection products and services allows even greater synergies to be attained for both clients, and large scale internatio­nal projects.

Whether it is protective linings, rubber linings, industrial flooring, brick and tile linings, or mechanical­ly anchored thermoplas­tic linings; Steuler- KCH develops complete solutions for every applicatio­n.

Refractory lining systems and equipment, tanks, piping made of thermoplas­tics and duroplasti­cs complement and complete the portfolio.

Innovative material developmen­ts and lining technologi­es has made Steuler- KCH one of the world‘ s leading providers of industrial corrosion protection.

The close synergy between the company’s divisions has created a unique complete package of lining technology and experience.

With competence in engineerin­g technology and experience in the field, Steuler- KCH understand­s the chemical and physical demands of plants and process equipment.

 ??  ?? Steuler’s integratio­n of KCH has formed a complete-range corrosion control business.
Steuler’s integratio­n of KCH has formed a complete-range corrosion control business.

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