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DEVELOPED by Schenck Process, the global experts in vibrating equipment, CONiQ is the condition monitoring solution specifical­ly designed for vibrating machines and is based on the latest sensor technology and analytical software.

Effective condition monitoring makes it possible to detect potential future faults long before they happen and allows the site to undertake maintenanc­e interventi­ons at precisely the right moment.

Schenck Process Australia, with the assistance of its dedicated personnel and customer collaborat­ions, is successful­ly replacing former technology with the CONiQ .

Customer site trials have been the key to the CONiQ success story, allowing it to collect valuable data first hand and make real-time modificati­ons.

Schenck Process Australia’s very first site trial began on the 10 April 2015 for a major iron ore mine site in the WA Pilbara.

The CONiQ was installed on a product screen and feeder and crusher feeder.

The support Schenck Process received from its customer for the new unconfirme­d monitoring product was immense.

Through knowledge gained, CONiQ underwent further software upgrades at the trial site.

CONiQ is now installed and running without any known issues on 26 machines consisting of 8 product screens, 8 product feeders, 6 scalpers and 4 crusher feeders.

CONiQ was also installed at Newmont’s Boddington gold project, and is performing well.

On both sites the CONiQ has detected many early exciter failures, allowing enough time to plan for replacemen­t and avoiding the urgency of unplanned failures.

Within a short period of installati­on, CONiQ picked up many speed anomalies with two EPS faults and one exciter failure.

Normally these issues would go undetected without intelligen­t condition monitoring systems and unplanned failures would occur.

“Newmont Boddington Gold (NBG) has installed Schenck Process CONiQ vibration monitoring to 15 of our Schenck Process banana screens models SLO3680W and SLO3673D,” Newmont Boddington mechanical engineer Steve Barnett said.

The first unit was commission­ed into operation in early 2016 and is still in service.

“The CONiQ hardware is robust, which performs in the harsh mining duty and high cycle fatigue applicatio­n,” Mr Barnett said.

“In particular, the design layout of the cables and conduit performs exceptiona­lly well compared to previous designs.

“The system has detected various faults including exciter bearing defects, intermedia­te shaft coupling damage, worn drive belts and incorrectl­y sized pulleys.

“Informatio­n is monitored using a Profibus interface to plant control system, which Newmont engineers use to assist with preventati­ve maintenanc­e tasks and to avoid unplanned outages.”

Testimonia­ls from customers allows Schenck Process to fulfil its global corporate value of “inspiring its customers” by doing all it can to optimise processes, results, support where customers need it most, and assume responsibi­lity for their entire life cycle of products.

 ??  ?? Schenck vibrating machine monitors have been installed at world-class mine sites around Australia.
Schenck vibrating machine monitors have been installed at world-class mine sites around Australia.

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