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THE Corporate Protection Australia Group (CPA Group) is one of the largest private safety and emergency response companies in the southern hemisphere.

Its key individual­s and associates have a sound history of successful­ly negotiatin­g rigorous, high-profile environmen­ts and situations.

CPA Group offers a wide range of services; encompassi­ng security, health and medical, fire rescue, consultati­on and training.

It services major clients in the mining, oil and gas, energy, critical infrastruc­ture, constructi­on, and maritime industries – on time, and on budget.

The company’s operationa­l model places safety at the forefront of all activities, with a strong safety culture that starts from the top.

CPA Group executive chairman Harley Sparke is dedicated to safety, and ensures this passion governs every undertakin­g, no matter how small; a commitment that goes hand in hand with its exemplary safety record.

Through ongoing, proactive mitigation and management, CPA Group works alongside its clients to tailor services to specific requiremen­ts.

The organisati­on is well-placed to provide highly efficient, cost-effective solutions, with cross-trained profession­als that cover all appropriat­e combinatio­ns of security, medical, and emergency service skillsets.

CPA Group paramedics and nurses are trained in emergency rescue; emergency services officers are trained medics; and security guards can provide first aid and form part of the emergency response team.

The chief point of difference is that, as well as offering a unique and all-encompassi­ng suite of services, CPA Group allows its clients to select packages of services tailored to their specific needs, thus achieving high-quality solutions at the right price point.

This model originates from an analysis of best practices that have been developed by the company over years of working in some of the harshest, most remote environmen­ts all over the world.

 ??  ?? Results, efficiency, and loyalty are what drive The Corporate Protection Australia Group.
Results, efficiency, and loyalty are what drive The Corporate Protection Australia Group.

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