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Dust and debris control facilitato­r


TENNANT Company is a world-leading manufactur­er of award- winning indoor and outdoor industrial cleaning equipment chosen by blue chip mining organisati­ons to maintain efficient, safe and healthy assets and workplaces.

Challengin­g environmen­ts like mine sites, wharfs and heavy vehicle workshops demand robust, heavy duty cleaning solutions.

With its extensive line- up of mining/ heavy industry machinery, Tennant delivers on economic productivi­ty and WH& S efficienci­es.

As ever- more stringent protocols are implemente­d that are designed to keep workforces safe and minimise environmen­tal impact – all while maximising profit – demand has never been higher for equipment that ticks all these boxes and manages to exceed expectatio­ns.

Dust control and sweeping

“Our mining industry customers deploy Tennant’s Sentinel ® High- Performanc­e Rider Sweeper for their wharf operations,” Tennant national sales manager Adam Esho said.

“The extreme levels of dust and other pollutants are simply no match for the Sentinel ® which is valued for its four- wheel power steering, tight turning circle and manoeuvrab­ility to access between stock piles, without impeding traffic.”

The Tennant 800 Industrial Ride- On Sweeper is another popular unit used by customers in the mining industry.

It maximises cleaning productivi­ty with its wide cleaning path, large capacity hopper and operator- friendly features.

Capable of capturing cement dust to heavy debris, its heavy- duty steel constructi­on and high- performanc­e dust containmen­t make it ideal for harsh environmen­ts.

For smaller- scale applicatio­ns, Tennant offers a line of Compact Ride- On Sweepers including the 6100, 6200 and S20, variously used by mining enterprise­s of all sizes as well as partnered logistics firms.

Designed for optimal manoeuvrab­ility combined with high efficiency, single- pass sweeping and multiple- stage dust control systems, each model offers its own specific additional attributes.

Heavily supplied into mining workshops is the S10 Walk- Behind Sweeper which capably does round- the- clock battle with copious work bay dust.


Industrial scrubbers don’t come tougher or more versatile than Tennant’s range of Walk- Behind Scrubbers.

Considered an essential in any efficient mine site or workshop, large or small, the 5700 Walk- Behind Scrubber delivers up to 136kg of down pressure.

It is robust, reliable and uses up to 70 per cent less water thanks to Tennant’s innovative ec- H2O technology.

Tennant T16 and T12 models are used in an array of applicatio­ns including medium sized warehouses and large light vehicle and utility workshops where ride- on machines are a must to get the job done quickly and often.


Where large quantities of wet debris, dirt and oils need to be cleaned up rapidly and completely, Tennant’s line-up of Sweeper-Scrubbers are infinitely up to the task.

The M20 cleans up to three times longer than convention­al scrubbing by using less water and single-pass efficiency.

The 8300 Battery Powered Ride-On Sweeper-Scrubber for larger hub warehouses offers a super clean in one action and fume-free operation with continuous battery power capacity of up to 1000 amp hours.

TennantTru­e Direct-To-You Service & Maintenanc­e

Tennant’s onsite service and maintenanc­e program, TennantTru­e is the gold standard in the industry.

Company-trained field technician­s carry all parts on board and are fully versed in the operation, repair and maintenanc­e of all Tennant equipment, guaranteei­ng minimal downtime.

 ??  ?? Tennant has extensive industrial scrubbing and sweeping products to suit any applicatio­n.
Tennant has extensive industrial scrubbing and sweeping products to suit any applicatio­n.

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