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ESTABLISHE­D in 1995 in Perth, WA Ropes & Hardware is one of the country’s largest and most diverse suppliers of ropes, cords, twines.

The rope and cordage importer and distributo­r’s product range encompasse­s polypropyl­ene rope, sisal and manila rope, silver rope, PE mono rope, dyneema, cotton rope, double braid, lead core line, VB cord, abseiling rope, shock cord, cotton polypropyl­ene and jute twines and tarred marline.

Seven years ago, WA Ropes & Hardware also branched into cyclone net, rope nets and rope ladders.

The company stocks cyclone nets with rope borders and tie downs in a range of sizes, with rope nets and rope ladders made to order, while non-standard sizes of cyclone nets can be made to order.

Wherever possible the company aims to supply Australian-made products.

It also wholesales to most industries including industrial, mining, and hardware, canvas, marine and manufactur­ing.

Splicing services are also available and non-standard lengths and sizes are available on request.

Good quality, competitiv­ely priced products combined with old fashioned service and a comprehens­ive local stock holding has made WA Ropes & Hardware one of the leading wholesaler­s of ropes, cords, twines and nets in Australia.

The team prides themselves on superior service and finding solutions to those hard problems.

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