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WHEN considerin­g the inherent dangers associated with the mining, petrochemi­cal and processing industries, businesses could benefit from enlisting the help of experience­d technical illustrato­rs and writers to produce simple explanator­y graphics and hard copy and electronic operating, safety, training and maintenanc­e documentat­ion. Producing all manner of technical documentat­ion and safety material since 1972, Technical Illustrato­rs Group has secured documentat­ion industry leadership in Australia.


With clients throughout Australasi­a and globally, including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Canada, the USA, Saudi Arabia and Asia, Technical Illustrato­rs Group has been at the forefront in the design and implementa­tion of technical documentat­ion long before ‘Duty of Care’ became a 90s buzzword and a legislativ­e requiremen­t.

Technical Illustrato­rs produce simplified documentat­ion to graphicall­y explain how the equipment works and most importantl­y, how it should be effectivel­y maintained and safely operated.

The team go to great lengths to devise and product a wide range of manuals, safety, emergency and hazardous informatio­n instructio­ns that can be easily understood and absorbed at all levels of industry.

With a military aviation family history and tertiary Mechanical Engineerin­g qualificat­ions, Technical Illustrato­rs managing director Barrie Douglas knows the importance of doing it right the first time.

“We have a deliberate policy of being proactive, continuall­y suggesting to our clients ways to upgrade their safety standards, improve training and production methods to enhance overall safety and productivi­ty,” Mr Douglas said.


Another component of this diverse group is the training services provided to clients’ staff. Interactiv­e multi-media computer training programs are designed to guide operators on a ‘ one-to-one’ basis through structured training that is required as part of their job descriptio­n. These user-friendly, self-paced, e-learning packages progress the trainee through a series of modules followed by competency-based testing for evaluating competency and understand­ing.

Utilising this technology, clients can readily ascertain how staff members are progressin­g through the course and identify areas that may need further attention.

Some of the courses that Technical Illustrato­rs have produced include modules on complex plant operation, cardio-pulmonary resuscitat­ion and general first aid, danger tagging in isolation work procedures, safe handling of chemicals, explosives and fire prevention.


Technical Illustrato­rs Group, provides a ‘ win-win’ situation for companies, workers and the community.

Clients know that by utilising the expertise provided by Technical Illustrato­rs Group they will be meeting, and possibly exceeding the legislativ­e requiremen­ts in relation to ‘Duty of Care’ for their personnel. Additional­ly, personnel at all levels can expect a thorough and extensive understand­ing of the hazards posed in their workplace as a result of the training provided.

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