Flex­i­ble, au­tonomous dust sup­pres­sion

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DUST can’t be sup­pressed with­out wa­ter, but many sites don’t have easy ac­cess to a wa­ter sup­ply; so what can they do?

Ital­ian com­pany EMiCon­trols re­cently launched its lat­est model, the au­tonomous V12sm Dust Con­troller, which is mounted to a spe­cially de­signed trailer with in­te­grated wa­ter tank.

The unit looks like some­thing out of the leg­endary 1960s TV se­ries, Thun­der­birds.

Along with im­prove­ments to the V12 Dust Con­troller it­self, the trailer ac­com­mo­dates a 10,000 litre wa­ter tank and a 60 kVA diesel gen­er­a­tor.

The V12sm de­sign im­prove­ments in­clude faster ro­ta­tion and tilt­ing speeds.

It also has an in­creased tilt range of -10 de­grees up to +45 de­grees from the hori­zon, an easy-to-use touch screen, and a heavy duty re­mote con­trol.

The unit also has a low noise func­tion with an op­er­a­tion sound level of 63 dBA at 20 me­tres; that equates to con­ver­sa­tion lev­els in an of­fice.

The V12sm con­tin­ues to in­clude EMiCon­trols’ patented noz­zle head, which com­prises a cen­tre ring of spray noz­zles to en­sure the spray is more re­sis­tant to wind.

As a re­sult, throw ac­cu­racy and dis­tance are main­tained with up to 60 me­tres cov­er­age.

The en­tire unit is man­u­fac­tured and as­sem­bled at the fac­tory in Italy and in­cludes the trailer with mounted V12sm Dust Con­troller, wa­ter tank and gen­er­a­tor.

At 6000mm x 2500mm, the self-con­tained unit eas­ily fits into a ship­ping con­tainer or can be in­stalled onto trucks with a six me­tre tray.

Tecpro Aus­tralia has the ex­clu­sive dis­tri­bu­tion rights in Aus­tralia and New Zealand for all EMiCon­trols’ prod­ucts in­clud­ing the self-con­tained V12sm dust sup­pres­sion unit.

More in­for­ma­tion on the V12sm Dust Con­troller can be found at www.tecpro.com.au, or to ar­range a dust sup­pres­sion au­dit and strat­egy con­sul­ta­tion, Tecpro can be con­tacted on (02) 9634 3370.

Tecpro’s V12sm mo­bile dust con­troller.

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