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JUST be­cause some­thing has al­ways been done one way, does not mean it is the best way, ac­cord­ing to Fluid Film and its cus­tomers.

For years there have been rust and cor­ro­sion prod­ucts, which prom­ise a lot and do not de­liver.

At the other end of the scale there have been prod­ucts that do de­liver but do not have high lev­els of brand aware­ness.

The com­par­i­son shown in the image pic­tured has demon­strated Fluid Films’ long-term cor­ro­sion con­trol econ­omy.

In ad­di­tion, the sur­face ad­her­ence of its lanolin-based for­mula has been self-heal­ing in cases of scor­ing or sim­i­lar dam­age and it re­mains soft and flex­i­ble, does not wash away or crack.

While most prod­ucts of its kind con­tain be­tween 70 and 90 per cent sol­vent, Fluid Film con­tain none, ex­cept for the pro­pel­lant in its aerosol cans.

This has meant that only 10 to 30 per cent of com­pet­ing prod­ucts have us­able cor­ro­sion con­trol ma­te­ri­als.

The rest evap­o­rates, con­tam­i­nat­ing the at­mos­phere and is use­less to the user.

Fluid Film pen­e­trates into metal, block­ing off the oxy­gen and mois­ture that cause rust and cor­ro­sion.

Made from nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring lanolin, it forms a bar­rier, seep­ing into the pores of metal.

Fluid Film re­ally has been per­fect for all ar­eas in min­ing.

It can be used on air tools, bat­tery con­nec­tions, chains, con­veyor belt rollers, as well as cranes and lifts.

Fluid Film has also been suc­cess­ful on door guides and mech­a­nisms, hinges, drain pans, drill bits, chucks and presses.

Ex­posed gears and ma­chined sur­faces, hy­draulic cylin­ders, in­ter­nal pump preser­va­tive, wire rope preser­va­tion, mould re­leas­ing agent, nuts, bolts and studs, pin locks, and pipe threads have also had the ben­e­fit of Fluid Film.

From a work health and safety per­spec­tive, Fluid Film has been a great choice for the min­ing in­dus­try be­cause it is clas­si­fied as non-toxic and non-haz­ardous.

Fluid Film does not con­tain sol­vents, phe­nols, heavy met­als, ar­senic, pcb’s, pc’s, tcdd’s or other dioxin re­lated sub­stances.

It has been man­u­fac­tured us­ing an all-nat­u­ral lanolin base.

Fluid Film has been used con­sis­tently in Western Naval Forces, who have all done their due dili­gence, en­sur­ing it meets MIL-SPEC.

Fluid Film has per­formed for sus­tained pe­ri­ods of time, cling­ing tena­ciously to metal sur­faces, stop­ping or pre­vent­ing cor­ro­sion and pro­vid­ing silky slick lu­bri­ca­tion.

In in­de­pen­dent tests Fluid Film con­sis­tently out­per­forms other prod­ucts.

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