“The in­sti­tu­tion that shaped the 20th-cen­tury con­sumer is be­ing re­shaped by that con­sumer”

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stores, the mod­ern con­sumer be­gan to evolve.” Depart­ment stores also brought peo­ple from many classes to­gether, served as so­cial hubs for women who were ex­cluded from men’s clubs, and ed­u­cated sev­eral gen­er­a­tions in mat­ters of taste and de­sign.

Zahra is fully aware that the depart­ment store no longer plays as pow­er­ful a role in so­ci­ety. A lit­tle like the view from his of­fice, its place in the cul­ture is some­what di­min­ished. The in­sti­tu­tion that did much to shape the 20th-cen­tury con­sumer is be­ing re­shaped that con­sumer. It’s a chal­leng­ing en­vi­ron­ment, forc­ing the David Jones head to si­mul­ta­ne­ously in­voke tra­di­tion and change, and to get his house in or­der for the an­tic­i­pated re­turn of the buoy­ant con­sumer and the re­vival of the great love af­fair that has sus­tained DJs for 175 years.

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