“Sun­ny­lands is a true oasis in the mid­dle of the desert con­tain­ing a nine-hole golf course and three cot­tages”

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lakes that dot the site. The del­i­cate colours might be ex­plained by the heavy in­volve­ment through­out the de­sign process of both Leonore and Haines; how­ever, the struc­ture is typ­i­cal of mid-cen­tury mod­ern ar­chi­tec­ture with stream­lined lin­ear forms and in­no­va­tive con­struc­tion tech­niques.

Sun­ny­lands is a true oasis in the mid­dle of the desert, with the 80ha site con­tain­ing the house and guest wing, grounds, nine-hole golf course and three self-con­tained cot­tages. In re­sponse to the in­creas­ing fo­cus on sus­tain­abil­ity and the fact that the prop­erty is largely sus­tained by the Coachella Val­ley aquifer, Sun­ny­lands has put in place a plan to im­prove what might oth­er­wise be con­sid­ered a deca­dent folly. This in­cludes a one- third re­duc­tion in the amount of turf on site, it be­ing re­placed by na­tive low-wa­ter-use grasses and the drain­ing and re­lin­ing of all lakes to pre­vent wa­ter loss through ab­sorp­tion.

Back in Palm Springs, a house that is per­haps the an­tithe­sis of Sun­ny­lands is Frey House II, de­signed in 1963 by Al­bert Frey for him­self. The house is one of the high­est in Palm Springs, perched on the side of San Jac­into moun­tain and with views that stretch over Palm Springs and the val­ley be­yond. It is also pos­si­bly one of the small­est, be­ing a sin­gle open-plan liv­ing and sleep­ing area, with kitchen, bath­room and of­fice to the rear. The house com­prises a se­ries of split lev­els un­der a sin­gle roof form and is lit­er­ally built into the hill­side, with a large

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