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EQUIP­MENT oven tray

30cm round cake board plas­tic sand­wich bag


2 x 600g pack­ets round

cho­co­late mud cakes 1½ x 453g tubs

dark cho­co­late frost­ing DEC­O­RA­TIONS

5 orange lol­lipops

5 yel­low lol­lipops

5 red lol­lipops

4 x 30g Flake cho­co­late bars 2 x 125g pack­ets cho­co­late

fin­ger bis­cuits

1 Pre­heat oven to 150°C/130°C fan. Line oven tray with bak­ing pa­per. 2 Split each cake in half. Se­cure one cake round to cake board with a lit­tle frost­ing; spread ⅓ cup of the frost­ing over cake, top with an­other cake round. Re­peat with ⅓ cup of the frost­ing and one more cake round. (Re­serve re­main­ing cake round for an­other use - you could use it to make cake pops.) Spread re­main­ing frost­ing over side and top of cake.

3 Place lol­lipops in plas­tic sand­wich bag; us­ing a rolling pin or meat mal­let, gen­tly smash lol­lipops un­til bro­ken into pieces; dis­card sticks. Place lol­lipop pieces onto oven tray; place in oven for 5 min­utes or un­til melted and edges are start­ing to brown.

Cool on tray; set aside un­til needed.

4 Care­fully cut Flakes in half cross­ways. Break melted lol­lipops into large shards. Us­ing pic­ture as a guide, ar­range shards on cake to form a camp­fire; ar­range Flake halves around tof­fee for logs. Po­si­tion cho­co­late fin­gers around side of cake.

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