AUSSIE KIDS’ heart­warm­ing let­ters to Santa

As Christ­mas ap­proaches, chil­dren the world over sit down to write dear­est wishes to Santa Claus. Genevieve Gan­non takes a peek in­side the mail­bag to see what Aussie kids are hop­ing for.

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Ev­ery year, around midNovem­ber, en­velopes with slop­ing, colour­ful writ­ing be­gin trick­ling into mail­boxes all over the coun­try. “Dear Santa,” one says. “Would it be pos­si­ble for you to bring me a kit­ten?” “Dear Santa,” be­gins an­other. “Could you please give lots of presents to the chil­dren who need them.”

By De­cem­ber this trickle has be­come a ood of let­ters dec­o­rated with draw­ings and writ­ten with hope. Some are prac­ti­cal. Their au­thors are ling speci c re­quests for bikes or pup­pies. “I’ve been very good,” one says, aware of the rules, “so I would like …”

Fa­ther Christ­mas tells us that hov­er­boards are big this year, as is slime. Sur­pris­ingly, more chil­dren are ask­ing for bikes than iPads. Pup­pies are more pop­u­lar than cats. Spaniels (Cock­ers and King Charles) seem to be the breed of choice. But many let­ters are grander in scope – ask­ing for the hun­gry to be fed or an­i­mals to be pro­tected. “Dear Santa,” one says. “Please may you give the farm­ers a lot of rain for the drought.”

Each year, Aus­tralia Post re­ceives more than 150,000 such let­ters. Leaf through them and you hear a cho­rus of chil­dren’s voices and gain a pic­ture of a gen­er­a­tion. They are po­lite. “How are the elves?” And cu­ri­ous. “What do your rein­deer eat?” “How fast does your sleigh get around the world?”

One theme that comes through is a strong con­cern for those who are dis­ad­van­taged. “Please make some presents for those in need,” writes Anna Bar­wick of Tam­worth. Th­ese piles of pa­per make it clear that the chil­dren of Aus­tralia have more on their minds than the lat­est toy.

“Dear Santa. Hi. How are you? My name is Neeve and I am seven years old. If you could man­age it, my Christ­mas wish would be please send some rain so we have some beau­ti­ful green grass. How are your rein­deers go­ing with the ter­ri­ble drought?”

From Tam­worth, in the parched food bowl of NSW, there’s a re­cur­ring re­quest:

“Dear Santa,” writes Chelsea. “If you could man­age it, my Christ­mas wish would be to please send some rain be­cause we are in a very bad drought and the horses are thirsty.”

“Santa please send some rain, can you make my wish come true?” writes Oliver Smith.

Those from the farm­ing com­mu­ni­ties, who know hay is scarce and the cost of feed is high, are wor­ried about how Santa’s rein­deer are far­ing. “Are you get­ting enough hay be­cause here in Tam­worth the hay is too much money,” writes Ash­ton. “Do they need some car­rots?” asks Ivy, eight.

Let­ter writ­ers in parts of the coun­try un­af­fected by the drought are no less con­scious of spend­ing their Christ­mas wishes wisely. World peace, war, an­i­mal pro­tec­tion and food for the needy are also re­cur­rent themes.

“I hope this Christ­mas all the peo­ple in the world have time with their fam­i­lies. I also hope

“I wish for a llama to ride to school.” – Anasta­cia “May­we­please haveav­ery­good year­son­oone hasany­fights.” –Bronte

that one of my favourite an­i­mals, the Kiwi, does not be­come en­dan­gered,” writes So­phie Gibby, of Mel­bourne. “Can you please use your Christ­mas magic to help those who need it,” writes Zoe Shee­han. “I wish that the home­less peo­ple will have a full tummy and a roof above their head.”

“For Christ­mas this year, I would like to spread hap­pi­ness across the globe,” writes Year Three stu­dent, Genevieve, of Mel­bourne.

Ever con­scious of Santa’s naughty and nice list, the chil­dren are ea­ger to re­port what they’ve been up to dur­ing the year. “Some­thing I was re­ally proud of was when I learnt my nine times ta­bles,” writes Thalia from Ten­nant Creek, in the North­ern Ter­ri­tory. Kyren, also from Ten­nant Creek, has been clean­ing the house and his bed­room, and also oc­ca­sion­ally do­ing the dishes.

“I’ve done well this year help­ing my sis­ters and friends,” writes Mia. “I would like a mer­maid neck­lace.”

Lots of kids want to im­prove a par­tic­u­lar skill. Hugh wants to be­come a bet­ter soc­cer player so he can win a tro­phy. Minh would like Santa to make her a fa­mous singer. “Can I please have a DX watch as I’d like to learn to tell the time,” writes Char­lotte Tongue. Oth­ers take a more di­rect ap­proach to ex­pand­ing their un­der­stand­ing of the world. “So,” writes Bronte, eight, “how old are you?”

Eli Ste­wart, of Tam­worth, would like a dingo and a pet but­ter snake, “and please give us some rain, please.” Jack­son Brooks ends his let­ter with an en­treaty: “Hope you have an amaz­ing Christ­mas! Please don’t for­get about the other kids.”

“Thank you, Santa. I don’t know how you do it,” a young cor­re­spon­dent writes. “We’re count­ing on you.”

“For Christ­mas I wish for a iPad and an­other iPad be­cause my cousin doesn’t hav eone.” –Tahlia

“I wish for some baby chicks and I hope that Au­drey gets her wish too.” – Lily

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