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Mir­ror Glaze Cake

SERVES 12 PREP TIME 1 hour + freez­ing

340g packet but­ter cake mix

1 cup straw­berry jam

270g NESTLÉ PLAISTOWE White Choco­late, plus 360g ex­tra chopped 10 sheets ge­la­tine

3 cups (750ml) cream

²³ / cup (160ml) wa­ter

¾ cup caster su­gar

200g NESTLÉ Sweet­ened Con­densed Milk White and red gel food colour­ing

Mini meringues, rasp­ber­ries and ed­i­ble gold shim­mer pow­der, to dé­co­rate

1 Pre­pare but­ter cake in 20cm round pan ac­cord­ing to packet di­rec­tions. Cool, then split in half. Line a 20cm round spring­form cake pan and spread with jam. Top with one cake round. Freeze 2 hours.

2 Melt 270g white choco­late. Soften 4 ge­la­tine sheets in cold wa­ter for 5 min. Heat cup of cream un­til just boil­ing, re­move from heat. Squeeze ex­cess liq­uid from ge­la­tine, whisk into cream to dis­solve. Whisk in melted white choco­late un­til smooth, then cool. Whip re­main­ing cream to firm peaks. Fold cream into choco­late mix­ture.

3 Grease and line the base and sides of a 22cm round spring­form pan with a smooth sheet of bak­ing pa­per. Pour in half the mousse. Place frozen cake jam side down in cen­tre. Cover with re­main­ing mousse then press se­cond cake layer cut-side down into mousse. Freeze 3 hours.

4 Soften re­main­ing 6 ge­la­tine sheets in cold wa­ter for 5 min. Stir the wa­ter, su­gar and NESTLÉ Sweet­ened Con­densed Milk over medium heat un­til just boils, then re­move. Squeeze ex­cess wa­ter from ge­la­tine, whisk into con­densed milk mix­ture. Add re­main­ing 360g choco­late and set aside for 3 min. Blend with stick blender un­til smooth. Tint white with food colour­ing. Strain mix­ture through a fine sieve into a large jug. Pour ½ cup into a smaller jug. Tint larger jug with red food colour­ing. Tap jug on bench to re­move bub­bles and cool.

Pour ¼ cup of white mix into red.

5 Un­mould mousse cake and in­vert onto a flat bot­tomed in­verted bowl over a large tray. Pour glaze over cake to cover com­pletely and cre­ate swirled pat­terns. Pour over dol­lops of re­main­ing white glaze. Al­low ex­cess to slowly drip o . Trim drips un­der­neath, then lift onto a serv­ing plat­ter. Keep chilled. Dec­o­rate with mini meringues, halved rasp­ber­ries and gold shim­mer pow­der, if de­sired.

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