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Light­ning and power cuts have shown many so­lar sys­tems aren’t pro­duc­ing grid-qual­ity elec­tric­ity. Up to 30 per cent of in­vert­ers may need re­plac­ing to achieve com­pli­ance with stan­dards. So who pays? Those who own so­lar? Or

those who don’t? Mic, Cairns

Don’t be­lieve the LNP lies on neg­a­tiveg­ear­ing. It will have no im­pact on in­vest­ment prop­er­ties that are al­ready neg­a­tive geared. Fam­ily Man, Cairns

Robert, (CP, 14/01). So the La­bor Party can­celled the car man­u­fac­turer’s sub­sidy each time they were elected did they Robert? Bill, Mooroo­bool

What is a “low-in­ten­sity heat­wave”? Is that scare-speak for “a hot day”? Old Jim, In­n­is­fail

Would na­tive rats car­ry­ing bubonic plague be pro­tected in the CBD? Why do na­tive bats car­ry­ing lyssavirus (CP, 14/01) get a free pass? Miss T, Tolga

Re: Mu­sic and drugs fes­ti­vals (CP, 14/01). “Pill test­ing” is a foot-in-the-door tac­tic to get drugs le­galised. Al­co­hol and tobacco are le­gal and they don’t cause no prob­lems, right? And think of all the lovely tax money from le­gal drugs. It might even cover the med­i­cal costs. Party Girl, Cairns

Want to de­crease DV (CP, 14/01)? Re­duce tax, reg­u­la­tion and the size of gov­ern­ments and we’ll have more jobs. Jobs re­duce the fam­ily stresses that re­sult in DV. Peter, Whit­field

I saw the “Study of ter­mites” header (CP, 14/01) and was dis­ap­pointed it wasn’t an ex­am­i­na­tion of the ex-PM. Woz, Par­ra­matta Park

Ger­many is head­ing into an eco­nomic re­ces­sion due to forc­ing re­new­ables into their en­ergy mar­ket. Their “En­ergiewende” pro­gram has seen the tri­fecta of fail­ure: costs up, grid sta­bil­ity down, CO2 emis­sions un­changed. Higgs, Tolga

Robert, Ear­lville (CP, 14/01). All coun­tries in­clud­ing Aus­tralia sub­sidised car mak­ing. When Ab­bott stopped our sub­sidy, our car man­u­fac­tur­ing was ex­ported to coun­tries with sub­si­dies. Ab­bott stuffed it up, and we lost car mak­ing for good. Jobs ex­ported. M.G.B., Kan­im­bla

Chris Calcino is right: the Nazis were right wing fas­cists, not so­cial­ists. Win­ston Churchill ex­posed that lie in “Hitler and his Choice” where he in­dicted Hitler for pro­scrib­ing ‘so­cial­ists and com­mu­nists of ev­ery hue’. Sean McGinn, Clifton Beach

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