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Christmas is fast approachin­g, and you’re probably planning your gift list. But nothing says “Merry Christmas” like homemade food gifts, lovingly wrapped and decorated with ribbon.

At Australia’s Best Recipes, we start planning our Christmas gifts in late October. That gives us enough time to gather ingredient­s and spend a few weekends baking.

You want enough time to package the gifts so they can be shipped safely and quickly.

Closer to the day, we hop in the car and hand-deliver most of the gifts, sharing wishes for the festive season with our loved ones.

For those far away, we send wellpackag­ed food gifts through the postal service.

Everybody loves the experience, especially if they’re not expecting it.

One of the easiest food gifts to make and share are truffles. Their tiny size means they are easy to make, ship and even easier to eat!

If you’re planning to make homemade food gifts this Christmas, come up with a variety of truffles, package them, and share them with the ones you love.

Regarding the return of internatio­nal air travel (CP, 23/10) we need to face reality. When internatio­nal travel was by sailing ship, viruses were noticeable before the ship reached its destinatio­n. SARS-Cov-2 is/was a fast-spreading virus. In the air travel era it was already here well before it came to official attention. It never was contained. All the restrictio­ns etc have been political butt-covering at best. I don’t want to think about what they are at worst – except that despots do emerge periodical­ly.

Mariner, Portsmith

GP shortage. There is a way of ensuring we have GPs. If you pay for your tuition you get to choose, but if we pay we choose where you go for at least a few years.

Greg, Kanimbla

Powering up with EVs (CP 23/10) is a no-brainer, imagine no more rip-offs at the bowser, then being able to power your home or office during storms and cyclones with your car battery, fossil fools can only watch as the mega green trend is coming.

Dominic, Freshwater

I don’t know why the Redcliffe Dolphins have to change their name. They have been the Redcliffe Dolphins since 1947. The name tells people who they are and where there from. I’m sure the great Artie Beetson who was a former Redcliffe player and had his funeral at Dolphin Oval would love to see the Redcliffe Dolphins playing in the NRL.

Battery-electric vehicles are really just remote-emissions vehicles unless they are charged only from solar and wind, which gets very expensive and requires additional battery storage. Hydrogenfu­elled vehicles are rolling bombs because anywhere from 4% to 74% hydrogen in air forms an explosive mixture. The hydrocarbo­ns we already use are actually the ideal molecules for transport use, which is why they are so successful.

Electrical Engineer, Brinsmead

Last in the race to normality! Queensland­ers returning home will need to hotel or home quarantine for months while our southern neighbours enjoy ‘normality’. Incompeten­ce and gross mismanagem­ent of the pandemic by our State Government has got us to this point. They didn’t ‘keep us safe’ nor were we ‘all in this together’. The wealthy, sports stars, league players, their wives and families, and celebritie­s; that’s who this government protected and accommodat­ed, not the average Queensland­er! Whose advice was our unlawful extension based on? Medical advice or the 30 media advisers in the Premier’s office? How will we ever know. It’s all classified secret. What a sham!

Rick, Redlynch

Censorship and propaganda march together, because without censorship the people will expose the propaganda. Stefanos, Earlville

I bet the funeral places in Cairns will be rubbing their hands together when the border opens.

Scoobie, Trinity Beach

Silly Barnaby/Nationals say solar doesn’t work in the dark... So using that logic the optimum time to land a rocket on the sun is during the night.

W.Von Braun, Cairns North

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