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SO CHIEF health officer Jeannette Young informs us that once the borders are open and restrictio­ns are lifted, everyone in Queensland will eventually get Covid-19.

With all due respect, did you forget to add “and some people with underlying health issues may face the grim probabilit­y of not

being able to survive this pandemic” regardless of how many jabs you have had?

Could the health department, or someone in the medical profession please define what you interpret as the meaning of underlying health problems?

Half of Australia’s population has one form or another of health issues. Are all of these people also living on borrowed time? Is it the “lame ducks” like myself and many others I know who will not survive? Regardless of how many jabs we get?

For me, it matters very little because I know for a fact that my chances of survival are not good.

But, then again, we cannot continue to live our lives locked away and helplessly watch as people go bankrupt and down the drain, one after the other.

In reality, it all boils down to “survival of the healthiest”, with no underlying health problems and a lot of good luck. That’s life (or rather, a lack thereof).

And the new quarantine rules? Well that is a whole new ball game. Tom Urban, Atherton

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