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Pablo Picasso, whose birthday it is today, remarked that “art is a lie that makes us realise truth”. With the Sun in subtle, complex Scorpio, and creative Venus preparing to link with illusory Neptune, his words are delightful­ly appropriat­e. I’m not suggesting we should deceive one another. Yet sometimes, painting a picture in a certain light explains issues more candidly than providing misleading amounts of detail. There are no rules when it comes to expressing feelings. But our hearts will know what’s right. ARIES MAR 21 - APR 20

You can do lots of things with a potato. Whether you make chips, mash or roasties, this humble root vegetable is so versatile, it’s no wonder it’s a store cupboard staple. Yet, since the only thing you can’t do is eat it raw, if you didn’t understand the rudiments of cooking, you might think that it was inedible. You’re dealing with a situation that’s hard to digest. From where you’re looking at it, it’s so useless that the compost bin seems to be the best place to put it. Yet, if you’re prepared to experiment, you’ll find it holds a recipe for success.

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LEO JUL 24 - AUG 23

It’s one thing to just about get away with a risky move or a reckless decision. It’s another thing entirely to construct a plan for the future on the basis of having had a bit of luck. That’s the equivalent of standing over a stove, hoping to see a flash in your saucepan. Or gazing out of the window waiting for a blue moon to come up over the horizon. The future needs to be built using honest, intelligen­ce-based truths. As your ruler settles into a new celestial home, you’re being blessed with insight. Use it to firm up your plans.

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Every good teacher knows that the best way to keep their pupils engaged is to make the lessons fun. And here at the University of Life, the pedagogica­l methods are kept rigorously up to date. So, if students aren’t finding their tutelage scintillat­ing and exciting, maybe it’s because they got out of the wrong side of their beds! We all have a responsibi­lity to engage with the world around us. So, if you don’t understand what you’re being taught today, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. The expert advice you need is available.

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Given the diversity of university courses, you’d have thought they’d have cottoned on to the importance of teaching practical life-skills. Why don’t they teach us how to manage our finances and juggle the pressures of family, work and personal space? Surely there ought to be degrees in relaxation techniques? Apparently, these are subjects and techniques we have to learn for ourselves. Today, if you’re feeling overloaded, cosmic help’s available. If you ask, someone will show you a shortcut that could help you lead a less stressful life.

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Change isn’t easy. Like riding a bike without stabiliser­s, or setting off across the swimming pool with no armbands, there’s a process to go through which everyone finds difficult. It’s easy to give up. Even learning to walk involves a few bumps and bruises before we transition from crawling to toddling. Yet once we’ve grasped the technique we easily forget the challenges involved. You’re going through a transforma­tion process. Just as you needed to be able to walk before you could run, trust that you’re making perfect progress.

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The quandary is less how to get what you want than whether you want what you can get. Don’t worry if that sounds a little obscure... it’s actually supposed to be fluffy. It’s easy to become so fixated on a goal that we stop questionin­g whether it remains the right choice. It’s possible that what you think you really want, you don’t actually want at all. You might even be better off with what you’ve already got. So, take advantage of an opportunit­y to look at what’s right in front of you. It might be far more attractive than you think.

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On one hand, you could do this. On the other hand, you could do that. Thank goodness we only have two hands to choose between. Just think of how difficult it must be for eight-legged creatures. Octopuses must really struggle. The reason you’re finding it so hard to make a decision is that you’re surrounded by people who are all making demands on your time and attention. You’re so wrapped up in their tentacles of need that you can’t see which direction to swim towards. Today brings a chance to break free of restrictiv­e bonds.

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Today, doing the right thing will be surprising­ly easy. All you have to do is to stop worrying about the possibilit­y that you’ll make a bad decision and get things wrong. Sometimes we create more complicati­ons through trying to solve our problems than we do by trying to learn to live with them. If you find yourself having to deal with a complicate­d scenario today, try to be as relaxed as possible. Tensions will be short-lived. If you can accept what’s happening, without feeling unnecessar­ily responsibl­e, you’ll easily deal with any difficulti­es.

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You’re starting to see the difference between what matters and what just appears to be important. That’s not as easy (or as obvious) as it seems. We attach significan­ce to all sorts of things. We’ve all got drawers stuffed full of memories - things of little worth, which we hold on to because they have emotional value. It’s not the physical items themselves, it’s our psychologi­cal connection to them that transforms them into treasures. It’s important not to be held back by a practical issue today. You’re capable of so much more.

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Tough truths and hard facts. Honest assessment­s and accurate evaluation­s. What’s the point of bothering with them? It’s far more comfortabl­e to live in a rose-tinted world than to worry ourselves with inconvenie­nt reality. All you seemingly have to do, today, is to maintain a convenient make believe. Or, at least, someone close to you is convinced that’s your best available option. But are they right? If you can be bold enough to face up to the truth, you’ll find that an alternativ­e, better route forward is surprising­ly easy to find.

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With the Sun settling into your sign, is it shining on your life? Certainly you should be feeling more energised and bright. Something is intensifyi­ng and consolidat­ing. You’ve done the groundwork, and your preparatio­ns are coming to fruition. While you won’t be able to achieve results immediatel­y, you can take advantage of this moment to look back over everything that’s brought you to this point, with a rightful sense of pride. You’ve made significan­t progress already. If you persevere, you’ll soon make a lot more.

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Even the most intelligen­t people living on planet Earth only know an iota of what there is to know, understand and experience. There’s so much to discover; so much knowledge to assimilate. It’s impossible for any one person to get close to knowing it all. The best we can do is to scratch the surface; to make some small discoverie­s. Perhaps that’s why some folk decide not to bother at all. Yet, when we choose to keep an open mind, we allow space for new informatio­n and breakthrou­ghs. Be curious today. You’ll like what you learn. Free audio and video forecasts. Go to

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