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Islamist riots toll rises to 7


LAHORE: A radical Islamist party said seven of its supporters had died in clashes with authoritie­s in Pakistan, after two police officers were killed in the unrest.

The number of Tehreek-eLabbaik Pakistan (TLP) protesters swelled by thousands on the weekend as supporters of the hardline party began marching towards the capital Islamabad without facing any further resistance from police.

Scores of the group’s supporters had gathered after prayers to demand the release of their detained leader, blocking roads and firing projectile­s in deadly clashes with police.

The TLP has previously been behind major anti-France protests that earlier this year led to the embassy issuing a warning for all French citizens to leave Pakistan.

“Death toll of TLP supporters rose to seven after two more people succumbed to their injuries caused by police firing,” the party tweeted.

Police in Lahore confirmed that two officers had died.

A police spokesman said officials were carrying out “a defensive operation against the mob”, adding: “We are only shelling to control the crowd.”

TLP leader Saad Rizvi was arrested in April when Pakistan’s government outlawed the party in response to violent anti-France protests, after Paris defended the right of a satirical magazine to republish cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed.

What has happened in this country excluding the Covid stuff? Our country used to build hospitals, schools, roads and highways. It seems that all of those things are falling by the wayside. We now have a debt on the books that would make people choke. It’s going to be a long time before we are debt-free as a nation.

George, Edge Hill

Joe Biden’s weird double-fisted stance at his recent secretive CNN-run “town hall meeting” is actually a focusing technique promoted by health workers in dementia wards. Just saying.

Katherine, Mareeba

My solar panels work at night, W Van Braun (CP 25/10). I have spotlights on them that I run from an old diesel generator that runs on used chip oil. That way the government gives me money it takes from everyone who pays an electric bill.

Bushie, Dimbulah

Scoobie (CP 25/10). Funeral homes braced for a surge when the pandemic was announced in March 2020. It didn’t come then, but it’s happening now as

Dominic, Freshwater (CP, 25/10) re petrol pump rip-offs. I agree. The government rips us off brutally with fuel excise and then GST on top of that. But if we all drove electric cars the government would just switch to ripping us off at the electricit­y meter. the vaccines are rolled out. Woz, Parramatta Park

The AMA (CP 23/10) is the doctors’ union. The really shocking thing about the Victorian AMA president’s comments is that he’s trained as a healer but wants to see people go unhealed. Unions always get twisted from their main mission by the people that seek to run them.

Former unionist, Cairns North

There’s a heck of a lot of parliament­arians that are not who they claim to be. In fact, the only federal ones who remain true to their voters are Matt Canavan, Craig Kelly, Malcolm

Roberts and Pauline Hanson. Ex-ALP Voter, Cairns

Barnaby Joyce is a transNatio­nal. That’s a National that transition­s into a greenie. If he wasn’t he would not have further facilitate­d the globalist greenleft’s “carbon warming” myth. Jennifer, Edge Hill

The best thing about the Nats adopting Greens policies is that we’ll all see in real time that renewables are expensive, can’t deliver cheap or reliable power and provide almost no jobs. At that point the proletaria­t may wake up that government­s are staffed by zealots and pathologic­al liars.

Mark W, Redlynch

Wow, even US Democrat doctors are using the Australian government Covid19 response as a reason the US must never weaken its Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Paul, Manoora

Poor Alec Baldwin. How shocking for him to have seemingly unwittingl­y taken another’s life. Thoughts to all. Film fan, Brinsmead

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